What should be done in the future to protect the European cultural heritage? Our project about culture and traditions is called “TREASURE”, to look into the past to build a better future. It is about the idea of re-discovering Europe’s cultural and artistic treasures. This partnership is a corporation with established public schools from small rural communities to urban capital cities. The main goal is to give everybody a chance to feel that they are European citizen who should be proud of their cultural heritage, as well as be able to see the links between the heritages of the other partner countries within the European cultural net and be aware of each other’s contributions to the EU cultural mosaic. In addition to sustaining national identity in the European web, we would like to focus our collaborative efforts on sustaining our environment and resources through which we are even more connected because the environment does not recognize any borders. We can also say that the whole process of talking about the project, sharing ideas, finding the right solutions for tasks, making compromises, meeting each other and finally doing things together is a goal of this project as well. The last, but definitely not least, goal we are hoping to achieve is greater tolerance, respect for each other and so on. We will dwell on the following main topics achieve our aim:

• Traditional dances and music and customs such as carnival costumes and masks
• Traditional professions and the way these professions have affected the society
• Traditional female roles in the family (the degree the traditional family style has been changed by media)
• Traditions linked to immigrations
• Eco-Culture •Traditional food and sports
•Traditional legends and stories



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